Information for riders

Please observe the traffic rules and the principles of a safe ride, particularly:

  1. If the maximum speed in not adjusted by traffic signs, the speed limit is 50 km/h in urban areas and 90 km/h outside
  2. Keep a proper distance and do not join other groups
  3. Pay special attention when crossing the railroad (reduce the speed, look around, in some cases you are required to stop – typically signed). If the red lights are on, do not cross in any case. Do not panic, if the majority of your group has passed. You will catch up at the closest suitable location; your marshal will wait for you.
  4. You are required to wear a safety helmet at all times when riding your motorcycle.
  5. Compulsory equipment of your motorcycle is a first-aid kit, fuses and a high-visibility vest
  6. Have your driving licence with you together with the motorcycle documents (technical card), valid certificate of the motor insurance (so called Green card) and a document of your health insurance.
  7. The lights must be switched on even during the daylight.
  8. Do not drink any alcoholic beverages before or during the ride – there is zero tolerance of alcohol in the Czech Republic.